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1. I am changing jobs and need health insurance until my new group coverage is in effect. What can I do?

A temporary policy is usually the best choice. It is inexpensive, and can be put in force almost immediately.

2. Can I get medical insurance if I am not part of a group?

Yes. You can get health insurance through an individual policy. Individual policies are fully underwritten. This means if someone has a pre-existing condition, the policy may be rated up and issued with a waiver for that condition. In some cases the applicant will be declined for coverage.

3. I've started my own business. How many employees or participants do I need to form a company health insurance group?

You only need 2 employees to get group coverage. You will have to offer proof of employment, such as a Quarterly TWC Report, 1099, etc.

4. Can students over 21 be covered on their parent's individual health insurance policy? Does it matter if the student is full time or part time?

A student must be a full-time student to qualify for coverage. .Most companies allow dependent coverage for students through age 24.

5. Can I get medical insurance when my spouse has a pre-existing condition?

The best way is to get coverage under a group plan. That way, any pre-existing conditions will be covered. Sometimes you can get a pre-existing condition covered under an individual plan for an extra premium. Each case is different. It is best to let your insurance broker know of the condition up front so he will know how to advise you.

6. Does medical insurance have maternity coverage included? Do I have to pay for maternity coverage if I know it doesn't apply to me

Most group plans have maternity coverage. A few individual plans offer this benefit, but the extra premium is usually expensive. If you are on a group plan,everyone on the group will have maternity coverage if it is an included benefit.

7. How long does it take for my life or medical insurance to take effect?

You should allow at least 30 days for any life or health insurance application. If the underwriting department has to write to your doctors to obtain medical records, it can take 60 to 90 days.

8. What happens to my life insurance coverage if I move? What if I need a new policy or more life insurance after I move?

If your life insurance is part of your group plan, you will lose your coverage when you change employers with or without a move. Talk to a professional insurance agent. Let him know what you are looking for, how much, what kind of policy, and the purpose for the Life Insurance. Your agent will make the appropriate recommendation. If your move is not an employment change, nothing changes with your group coverage.

If you have individual coverage, you can keep that wherever you go. You just change your billing address.

9. How do I know if I am insurable?

Again, the best way is to talk to a professional insurance agent and tell him your situation.

10. Can I increase the amount of my life insurance at any time?

You can always increase your Life Insurance subject to your insurability.

11. If a person is named beneficiary on someone's life insurance policy, can the beneficiary collect the benefits if the insured person commits suicide?

Yes, if the policy is two years and one day old.

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