Life Insurance

Couple buying Fort Worth Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one of the best financial tools an individual or business owner can use to secure and protect their families or business. This is a great tool for business owners that need to secure a loan for business expansion. Life Insurance is also a great product to pay estate taxes on a large estate. For the individual, this also creates security for their families in the event of their death

The cost of Life Insurance has decreased the last few years. Because of new medical technology, people are living longer and the mortality rates are going down. In addition, there is a substantial discount for nontobacco users

Life Insurance is also much more flexible than in previous years. You can still buy a Life Insurance policy that builds up cash value and has high guarantees. However, you can now customize your Life Insurance policy to your individual needs. Several companies have a product called SelectATerm. With this product, you can lock in your death benefit to suit your individual needs

At Cowtown Insurance Service, Inc. we will give you prompt service when you contact us for a Life Insurance quote. Most of the time we will send you a quote within a few hours. If you are interested in a Life Insurance quote, please click on the link below and we will contact you and discuss what type of Life Insurance plan works best for you.